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Gloria Marquez

Some words about my work
It all started as a game. Since I was a child, I was preparing my colours with everything that nature could offer me: leaves of plants, flowers, earth, everything was used to prepare the colours. I always painted on paper and even on the walls. In those moments, I must have been 7 years old, my passion for painting was born. For the pigments. After many years of painting it is not surprising that I came to use oil and acrylics. I think it's a logical consequence.

my courent job

I integrate two old techniques in my work at the moment; fresco painting and mosaic. This allows me to find a balance in my compositions. A game between dream and reality.
It is a deliberate choice, I seek the beauty that these two techniques offer me to express the dark side of my works.
The religious icons of the Middle Ages attract me, treated with a language that is my own it acquires a contemporary dimension.
The precious materials: Venetian glazes, the pure pigments, the lime and the quartz sands used in my works connect me with the sublime beauty that they possess. The realization of my work with these materials takes time and it demands the perseverance and patience that are present in my individual work as a person currently.

My current job
Magical Realism, the artistic current that was created by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Colombian Nobel Prize winner for literature, inspired my work at the beginning of my career as a painter.
After seven years dedicated to fresco painting, magical realism continues to exert a great influence on my work.

Mes oeuvres

mes fresques

Period of the fresco painting. It includes 7 years of work.
Realization of the fresco by order paintings and work in the Studio of the portable paintings on wood.